Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition (GLITZ Talent)

  1. To register, please complete the registration form provided in GLITZ website. A registration fee of RM150 will be charged. You will receive your registration confirmation and payment receipt by email. Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly during registration.
  2. Talents will still be able to purchase a walk-in registration with the cost of RM200 (cash only). Walk-in registration will be located at Nu Ideaktiv studio.
  3. It is compulsory for talents to wear white shirt with blue pants/skirt during casting. For those wearing hijab, please wear black scarf.
  4. All payments made are non-refundable. A new casting date will be given to talent who experience death in the family (must show death certificate as proof)
  5. GLITZ will not be conducting grooming courses for talents and will only act as a platform to gather all talents. Glitz management will not guarantee any job offer from clients.
  6. GLITZ will not charge any commission based on jobs received by talents.
  7. Talents profile will appear on GLITZ website for a duration of 1 year. Profile will be removed once expired.
  8. a) A new registration fee of RM150 will be apply for talents to renew their profile and they need to undergo the casting session again to continue the service for another year.
  9. b) Talents can maintain the existing profile (without undergoing new casting session) for an additional fee of RM80 per year.
  10. Talents information will be given out to required clients. GLITZ management will not be responsible if there are any parties who plagiarize or misuse talent details for any purpose.
  11. Any job deal between talents and clients will not be monitored by GLITZ. GLITZ will not be responsible for any undesirable events.
  12. Talents are not allowed to use own photo. Only photo taken in Nu Ideaktiv studio will be uploaded in GLITZ website.
  13. Next of kin should inform GLITZ management in case of talent’s death.
  14. Talents can change the category (within a year from registration date) that suit the current appearance for example wearing hijab, huge weight loss etc. Talents need to attend a new casting session with additional fee of RM100.
  15. Talents are not allowed to put on extreme makeup that will change the whole look from the actual look.
  16. Kids and teenagers below 17 years old should accompanied by legal guardian during casting. GLITZ will not be responsible if talents come without any concern from their guardian.
  17. Talents attending casting session need to be in good health. Any health complications will not be borne by GLITZ.
  18. All casting will only take place at Nu Ideaktiv studio located at Lot 1, Jalan Renggam 15/5, Off Persiaran Selangor, Seksyen 15 Shah Alam.
  19. Talents are advice to report immediately to GLITZ management if they receive any fake calls from imposters claiming to be a representative of Nu Ideaktiv/GLITZ in order to get talents personal details or changing of casting location.

Terms & Condition (GLITZ Client)

1. Clients need to go to GLITZ website to search for talents prospect.

2. Talents can be search in 2 ways

a)  Notice Board – Simply by filling in the ‘Talent Search’ form available in GLITZ website and a payment fee of RM100 will be imposed. The notice will appear in GLITZ website (only visible among GLITZ talent) for one month backdated from the casting date filled by clients.

b)  Client’s Choice – The client can download the desired talent’s comcard and attach to the ‘Talent Search’ form available in GLITZ website. A fee of RM10 will be charged per talent.

3. All payments should be made online. Client will receive payment receipt via email.

4. GLITZ will provide the list of selected talents for ‘Client’s Choice’, within 24 working hours.

5. GLITZ will not be responsible if the talent changes their image without informing GLITZ management in advance. Example cutting or coloring hair, undergoing plastic surgery that changes the overall look

6. GLITZ will not be responsible if the talent has disciplinary or criminal records.

7. Any job deal between clients and talents will not be monitored by GLITZ. GLITZ will not be responsible for any undesirable events.


* NU Ideaktiv reserves the right to change any terms & conditions without prior notice.